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Laser Acupuncture

At Origin Natural Care, we have laser acupuncture therapy to help treat our young children or patients who are more sensitive to needle therapy. Laser acupuncture is the use of red lasers which are attached to the body without breaking the skin. Our physicians will attach the lasers to specific acupuncture points to help with the patients condition. The concept is the same as treating through traditional acupuncture, except using red lasers to stimulate the points. Young children who have immune, digestive, or pain management issues have been treated with our lasers with success and no discomfort. For our adult patients, especially those who are going through rehabilitation after surgery this is also a great alternative treatment to help improve circulation and assist with our other treatments. More recently, this is a great combination treatment to help after cosmetic surgery to help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Laser therapy is effective source of treatment for those just getting introduced into Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy and acupuncture.