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Eastern Medicine


Acupuncture is an ancient traditional medicine therapy in which sterile needles are inserted into acupuncture points. Our physicians use traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis to create a treatment protocol, which consists of a formulation of acupuncture points. Acupuncture can increase blood flow, stimulate Qi (energy), and enhance the biochemical balances within the body. When Qi flow is increased, it stimulates the body’s self healing properties while promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. It is well known for treating multiple types of conditions including stress relief, pain management, regulating hormones, immune dysfunctions and more. What makes acupuncture so unique as a treatment itself is that it can be adjusted to each individual patients conditions.


Cupping therapy is when skin and the superficial muscle layer is drawn lightly into a cup through suction. Traditional cupping is done with glass cups and fire. Our practitioners are skilled and well practiced in using cupping to help assist with pain management. The fire is used to remove the oxygen from the glass cups to create a vacuum which is then applied to the patient. The gentle suction from the vacuum allows the muscle fibers in large regions of the body to be slowly relaxed allowing a soothing sensation. Cupping is also very beneficial to help stimulate the lymphatic system to increase detoxification and drainage. Though there may be slight discoloration with cupping, the marks will disappear within a few days based off of the patients internal condition.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

Our practice uses a Chinese herbal formulations to help treat patients internally. The goal of herbs is to treat the underlying causes of illnesses rather than the individual symptoms. Traditional herbal therapy is the use of a variety of roots, plants, flowers and other natural ingredients that are commonly found in daily diet. These herbal therapies have been used for thousands of years to help adjust one’s body energy. To prescribe a herbal therapy our practitioners diagnose through traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis to create a herbal formula based of the patient’s internal condition. By being able to individualize each formula for the patient, there is a long lasting change that adjusts the body’s constitution to alleviate one’s ailment.


Moxa commonly known as Mugwort or Ai Ye in Chinese is used during moxibustion, a form of heat therapy. Smokeless moxa sticks are light and burned above specific points, or regions of the body. Moxabustion is commonly done at the same time acupuncture is being performed. The use of moxa is well known for increasing and stimulating circulation and lymphatic flow. It is used to help move Qi, and clear toxic accumulations. Moxa has been well known for a variety of conditions varying from arthritis, digestive irregularities, female menses irregularities, infertility, turning a breached baby, and more.

Meridian Therapy

Meridian therapy is a form of Chinese Tui-Na acupressure. Stimulation of the acupressure points along the channels are targeted to help release stress within the body. Each organ in the human body has its own meridian channel. Any symptoms from pain, headache, digestive bloat, all stems from a congestion within these channels. This is a great non-invasive treatment for patients who are more sensitive to acupuncture or have a weaker body constitution. Meridian therapy is used frequently to jump start the lymphatic system to detox the body naturally.