I went for 4 weeks, increasing visits towards the last two weeks of service to two or three times a week. I was pregnant, and hoping to get a VBA2C. I had support from my OB to try acupuncture to induce labor, because they would only allow a trial of labor and delivery before my due date, but after that I would require a 3rd c-section (which I was very much hoping to avoid). I primarily worked with Melissa Lo. She was always attentive and made sure to check on how I was feeling and how the baby was moving along the way. She also recommended acupressure and I found that pressing on the points after the acupuncture really gave me some strong contractions and it did seem to be a great follow-up for what I was trying to do (prepare my body for labor and get labor going) so I did end up doing both treatments together from that point on. And yes, I got my VBAC after 2 c-sections! -J.M.

I have been suffering through several years of digestive difficulties which at one point diagnosed as IBS. It was constipation of diarrhea, gas, heartburn, or indigestion. I ate antacids by the handful all day long. Doctors offered little hope for relief; I tried several different medications with very little success. Within weeks of starting treatment at Origin Natural Care, my digestive problems became better. Each passing week has brought further improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend Origin Natural Care; I havent felt so good in years! – L.G.

Went to visit Dr Lo last week.  This is my first time with acupuncture.  She made it so comfortable for me and the experience was great.  She was so knowledgeable for her age and I learned so much.  End up referring a good friend of mine to her for treatment for fertility.  That’s one of the treatment they offer to help people with difficulty with getting pregnant.  Can’t wait to see the outcome of that.  Thank you Dr. Lo.  See you soon. – Y.W.

I came in with skin problems and gray patches on my cheeks. After several months of detox my face has improved so much that people didnt even recognize me! I really feel different and more healthier now. – S.Chan.

After my chemo therapy sessions from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, I was very sick all the time with headaches, fatigue, and hair loss. I knew my health was going down the drain with no future ahead of me. Nutrition Response Testing brought my energy and vigor back, I no longer have immune problems, and my hair grew back, darker than ever before. I can now live a good, pain-free life. – V.V.

I have been going to Origin Natural Care for almost 2 years. I grew up with acupuncture but this place offers the best combination of both eastern and western practices. I go in get needled and meridian therapy and now I don’t even get massages anymore  as the meridian therapy really helps my blood flow circulate throughout my body. Dr. Melissa Lo has managed to reduce my stress, weight, multiple fevers, aches etc and the list goes on. Since I am a workaholic, I tend to burn myself out leaving me feeling fatigue and feverish at times and she does ear candling which sucks the heat out of your body.  Talk about natural remedies rather than taking aspirin for days! The facility is calm, clean, and gives off a feeling of comfort. You’re always welcomed with a friendly smile by the very attentive staff.  – J.T.

This place is amazing. My husband and I searched high and low for a legit natural care center in the Los Angeles area. We heard about Origin through one of his co-workers and wow, this place has been life changing. I’ve suffered with stomach issues (ulcers, indigestion, food allergies/intolerances) for years and I finally feel like I’m getting better AND getting answers. I’ve been coming here for about four months and I’ve never felt healthier! The staff is super friendly and Dr. Lo is AMAZING!! I’ve never enjoyed any doctor so much, she’s super friendly and has really helped me figure out the root causes of my health issues. -K.P.