Skin Care


Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a great alternative for people who are looking for a natural and holistic approach for skin care. Fine intra-dermal needles that are inserted to help with stimulating the the elastin and collagen production. This type of treatment can be used for a variety of skin conditions, including but not limited to juvenile or adult acne, and facial rejuvenation. When working on the skin (external condition) the internal conditions must be addressed through nutrition or herbs. 


Patients who tend to have facial acne usually tend to exhibit some other issues that could be related to hormones, diet, or toxic accumulations. When working with these patients a protocol will be created to assist in some healing for the internal issues. Recommendations can include external care (referral to our esthetician) who works in conjunction with our treatment protocol to clear the external damage. A re-evaluation of product usage will also be done as certain products can aggravate the skin and trigger clogging of the skin causing breakouts. 

Facial Rejuvenation

This is a specialty treatment that is a safe and effective alternative to more invasive anti-aging therapies like Botox or plastic surgery. There is less risk, and less recovery time required for this procedure. The appearance and change is natural and mild and is very effective for targeting wrinkles, building up collagen production, reducing puffy and bags in the eyes, and improving skin tone. The goal of facial rejuvenation is to also focus on increasing Qi and Blood circulation to improve skin elasticity and give a more youthful appearance.