Acupuncture While Trying To Concieve

Though we see many women who suffer from infertility, not each one of their conditions are the same. Each patient has their own unique body constitution and areas of weakness that needs to be addressed. Below are just a few issues that acupuncture and herbals can target:

For Women:

* Regulation of the hormones, to improve ovarian function.
* Assisting with the production of better quality eggs, and a higher number of follicles.
* Reducing the chances of miscarriage by making sure the body condition is strong enough to hold a full term pregnancy.
* Improve the thickness of the uterine lining by promoting blood flow to the uterus.
* Reducing the side effects of drugs that are used while pursuing ART’s.
* Preventing uterine contractions that can occur during ART’s.
* Promoting a calming state for the patient by reducing stress and anxiety.

For Men:

* Increasing sperm count, motility and morphology.
* Increasing low libido.
* Strengthening the body system to promote higher quality sperm.
* Maintain balance by reducing stress and anxiety.