Post Pregnancy

Traditional medicine shows that after giving birth, it is essential to not just focus on taking care of the child, but also the mother. Without proper nutrition and recuperation, the mothers health can indirectly also affect the child’s health.  When a mother gives birth, a lot of her body’s life energy is depleted, and it essential right after that the mother’s constitution is strengthened.

Many times, women after giving birth may start experiencing some symptoms that require attention including the following:

*Abdominal Cramping
*Breast Tenderness
*High Stress
*Insufficient Milk Lactation
*Lack of Appetite
*Lower Back Pain
*Post Partum Depression
*Poor Sleep
*And More….

Holistic therapy has been seen to be very beneficial to help reinstate the body into harmony. Nutritional healing is also necessary as the mother will be need extra support to be able to produce an adequate amount of milk to feed the baby. Post pregnancy therapy is just as important as pre pregnancy therapy to ensure the health of both the mother and child.