Nutritional Response Testing ®

At Origin Natural Care our physicals specialize in a unique form of alternative therapy treatment called Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) also known as muscle testing. What makes our clinics use of NRT unique is that we integrate this form of applied kinesiology with Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy to better take care of the patients as a whole. With NRT, we are able to treat patients as a whole versus symptomatically.

What can Nutritional Response ® Testing treat?

NRT is used for many different diseases and disorders, including but not limited to the following:

-Heavy Metal Toxicity
-Chemical Sensitivity
-Immune Challenges
-Food Allergies
What is the goal of NRT?
To teach our patients that by associating proper nutritional care, the body can repair itself on its own. During the period of detoxification it maybe necessary to integrate Standard Process supplementation or herbals along with therapy to help heal the body.