Our health is greatly affected by environmental toxins. Toxic residues can enter our bodies through the air we breath, our food, and even our water supplies which can cause homeostatic imbalance resulting in poor health. Detoxification ensure that our body’s are cleansed of these unwanted toxins and bring our bodies back to an optimal state of balance through proper nutritional protocols.

Negative Ion Bed
Our negative ion bed is a therapy in which negative ions are used to help heal the body. Negative ions help with detoxifiying the entire body system, while stimulating tissue and cellular regeneration and circulation to help improve energy movement through the meridians. Incorporating the negative ion bed as a therapy to help maintain with the preventative care treatment plan is essential to make sure the body stays in a healthy balance.

Herbal Steam Bed
The herbal bed uses traditional herbal blends imported in from Taiwan to help with assisting with lymphatic circulation. When there is congestion in the body, the herbal steam will help with moving the meridian pathways through specific formulations of herbs that assist with blood circulation and energy flow.