Laser Acupuncture

Common treatments that can be helped with
laser acupuncture include the following:

*Hormonal Balancing

*Pain Management

*Weight Loss

*Immune Support

*Digestive Regulation


*Muscular Rehabilitation


Laser acupuncture is a non-invasive, holistic treatment that is great for a wide range of patients. Because of its non-penetrating basis, it has been great modality for young children, and patients who have a fear of needles. Though there is no penetration of the skin and muscles, laser acupuncture still follows the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian pathways. Studies have shown that laser acupuncture serves many purposes like anesthetic effects and stimulation of acupuncture points in therapeutic treatment protocols.

This form of treatment using low level laser can help with regeneration of cells, decreasing of pain, reduction of inflammation, improvement of circulation, stimulation of hair growth, and even boosting of one’s immunity. More recently this has been a great additional treatment for young children with digestive irregularity, and low immune system in combination with their nutritional therapies.

The advantage of laser acupuncture is it is painless, and there is zero risk of infection compared to acupuncture. This is due to the fact that the lasers are placed upon the skin in different regions of the body with a sticky tape, that keeps the lasers in place. One can also repeat laser acupuncture consistently without any negative results with the lasers. The lasers used for this treatment is a form of red laser. The wavelength produced is compatible with the body, and can increase ATP production in the cells, helping with strengthening the body.