Fertitlity Acupuncture:

Fertility has recently over the last 20 years become a more consistent condition that has been seeking assistance in the holistic realm. Women have started to wait longer before pursuing the idea of having children and because of this their chances of conceiving quickly starts to diminish as they wait longer. Infertility or “unexplained infertility” is when a couple tries to conceive over a period of a year and can’t get pregnant. With infertility on a rise, a lot of women are pursuing Assisted Reproductive Technology like IVF and IUI’s, however with a imbalance in the body system we find that the rate of success is reduced without incorporating other alternative treatments.

Many women who suffer from infertility tend to have other disorders like endometriosis, fibroids, menses irregularities, PCOS, thyroid disorders, which not only throw the body out of balance, but can in the future effect the success of a pregnancy. Therefore women in general should always keep in mind that it is essential to maintain female health at its optimal level in preparation for the future.


hands of a child taking a plant from the hands of a man - gardenAt Origin Natural Care, we provide a specialized program that not only educates our patients on a healthy path for optimum conception, but also can help with a smooth pregnancy. We have seen many successful “unexplained fertility” cases that have been resolved through nutritional and energy healing and have resulted in a pregnancy. Each fertility couple has their own unique set of conditions, however we have found that the following conditions once addressed have increased the success rate:

* Promoting healthy lifestyles: Reducing unhealthy activities (drinking, smoking, caffeine), exercising, eating nutritional food.

* Detoxification: Cleansing the body of toxic accumulations that could hinder fertility.

* Nutrition & Herbs: Unhealthy diet can lead to nutritional deficiency which could hinder the body from being at its strongest state to conceive.

* Creating a calming environment: Reducing stress, improving sleep, and overall happiness.

We have worked on a number of different types of fertility cases including holistic assistance with ART procedures (IVF/IUI), egg retrievals (increasing the number/quality of eggs for freezing), and natural pregnancies (inducing pregnancy, etc).

Through alternative medicine, acupuncture, tui-na, nutrition, and herbs we find that the integration of this holistic approach with Western therapies have increased the fertility success rate. We have had the privilege of working with some of the most well known fertility clinics within the Southern California region and are able to create a specialized treatment plan for each individual patient.

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