Computer Analysis

At Origin Natural Care we are always incorporating advanced technology to further benefit our patients. We use specialized computer analysis that work specifically with our holistic therapies. We currently have both the ZYTO Hand Scan along with a MEAD (Meridian Energy Analysis Device) that looks at the body’s complete energy composite. Our body is energetically connected and is constant communication. Every cell in our body is networked together to receive and send information through a electric field to coordinate the many function our body processes on a daily basis.

Zyto Hand Scan
ZYTO hand scan analysis technology sends your body an energetic pulse called a Virtual Stimulus (VSI). As each VSI is sent through your body, your body’s reaction and response is then recorded and measured. The ZYTO then measures our Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and determines the shift in energetic posture. We are then able to measure with your personal body base line, how many markers are in balance. ZYTO integrates various organ energy markers along with Standard Process recommendations to specifically treat each individual patient.

MEAD (Meridian Energy Analysis Device)
MEAD is the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory on energy movement to pinpoint weaknesses in the body constitution. Using specific gate opening acu-points, energy from these regions are used to test which meridians will need assistance. This is a great tool to visually give our patients an outlook on traditional healing through computerized energy analysis. This therapy is used in conjunction with traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis from our TCM practitioners to differentiate the internal disorders to better treat our patients as a whole.