Children’s Nutrition


A child’s immune system is one of the most important things to maintain when looking at their general health. A lot of times children have sensitivities to a wide range of things, but unfortunately parents miss or can’t pin point what it is. Many times a lot of health conditions have been linked to a simple issue. Deficiency in nutrition. Nutrition is key to maintain overall health. If a child lacks the proper nutrition the body can not actively heal. This can then lead to poor immunity, hyperactivity, ear aches, slow growth rate, digestive problems and more.
Unfortunately nowadays, children are constantly getting sick due to toxic accumulations in the world. This can be from diet, to their environment, so maintaining a balance for their internal health can be harder. At Origin Natural Care, our physicians use natural therapies including Nutritional Response Testing (R), nutrition plans, and even holistic therapies like Meridian Therapy to make sure that the body remains in balance.