Acupuncture During Pregnancy, Pre-Labor & Post Partum

It is often misconceived that once you become pregnant, acupuncture should not be received. This is actually a misconception. It is perfectly safe to continue with acupuncture as long as your physician is well knowledgeable in the acu-points and therapies that must be avoided during various courses of your pregnancy. There are many symptoms that can become more pronounced while pregnant, and acupuncture has been seen to be a great therapy to reduce the frequencies.

* Morning sickness: nausea, vomit, heart burn
* Constipation
* Fatigue and exhaustion
* Edema
* Emotional stress: anxiety, depression, sadness
* Carpal tunnel
* Miscarriage prevention
* Breeched babies
* Delayed labor: inducing labor to avoid medical inducement
* Post partum recovery

No matter which stage of fertility you are currently at we have the ability to assess which therapies would be most beneficial for each individual case. Traditional medicine has become a effective and well known additional treatment to help with many couples who are now down the road to preparing for a family.

It has also been seen that acupuncture is great for specific issues during pregnancy including delayed or difficult labor, and turning a breached baby. When a mother wishes to have the choice to try a natural inducement for labor Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy has been seen to be quick, safe, and non-invasive.
Using a physician who is well knowledgeable and experienced in working with fertility cases is most important when considering fertility therapy. Our physicians are well skilled in the arts of holistic healing specifically for pregnant women.

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